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“Lovino, please take ____ to the dinning room.”

  Was the order that Romulus sternly casted towards his elder grandson before accompanying the reporter to some unknown place.

    Grumbling some indiscernible words Lovino approached the desk and grabbed a few papers. Then he turned to you with such an unhappy expression and a bent curl oddly protruded from his head.

Hmm...It was more rounded last time I looked at it.

   He jetted his chin towards the entranceway indicating you go ahead. Following you exited assumedly Romulus' office though not without some slowness. Hey! You were injured! Didn't this guy know that?

  Finally taking notice of your struggles he humphed. He glanced over his shoulder to find a teenager, similar looking, leaving some room. “Giovanni! Il tuo culo qui!” He barked causing the young man to jump in surprise and jog over. This person was much more youthful and friendly-faced. The curl he bore was geometric compared to your "host's".

  Swift Italian talk was made and before you could get a sense of what was going on you had been placed in a wheel chair. Now where did they get that from!? Maybe they were used to casualties that they bought one? Who knows?

   Tilting upwards you got a clear view of this "Giovanni". He had a lot of features that were like Lovino's and Romulus. Possibly they were related was your conclusion. Giovanni presented you with a wide grin and sparkling jade eyes.

“Ciao bella~! What's your name?” He greeted you to making you feel more welcomed into this new "family". If your observations were correct, he was the youngest and Lovino the eldest? Was there a middle boy? Or maybe they had a sister? Man, were you a quizzical female.

“I'm ____. It's nice to meet you,” you replied with a cheeky smile.

   Upon arriving at a pair of polished oaken double doors Lovino shoved them apart to reveal an expansive room illuminated by a single dangling chandelier. It’s crystal diamonds gleamed flauntingly. An essence of elegance added to the atmosphere in which you felt awe struck. Giovanni wheeled you over to the end of the long table draped with emerald cloth.

   Snapping his fingers Lovino signaled his brother to follow him who did so and soon they were out of your sight. This gave you time to thoroughly roll about the happenings of today in you mind.

Okay, I am now going to be living with a Mafia family, probably without the ability to contact my own family. Just wonderful... And I am also in danger because I was seen with Romulus. Those men who shot at us didn’t seem too sociable.  

   The only friendly people here are Romulus and Giovanni. I have a feeling Romano doesn’t seem to like me much. Better not make him angry else I have a professional criminal pointing a pistol at my temple.

  Who is this Feliciano? Must be some really intimidating person with expert skills in spying and killing. Another person to be sure not to enrage. What a mess…I wonder how Alfred* is doing? Last time I saw him he was heading off to Japan to meet his girlfriend’s parents. Yes, they lived THAT far away.

So this is the end and beginning…

(Romulus’ POV)

   Briskly marching towards the living room where we hold most of the family discussions I furrowed my brows. What had Feli found? Finally we arrived and my light brunette thrust the doors open to reveal my other grandson. He had a similar hairstyle to Lovi’s, but his curl flew to the side of his head. Usually his expression was very cheerful and happy. Right now it had worry written all over.

“Feli, what’s wrong? Are you injured? Did someone hurt you? If they did tell me so I can rip their hea-“ I ranted on with concern twisting my stomach into various shapes, but I was stopped by him rising and shushing.  

“Nonno~ I’m not hurt,” he calmed me and sat me down on the lavish couch. He then began retelling what happened on his mission. Apparently, Feli had come upon an abandoned red bard stocked up with a plethora of various supplies. Even weapons!

What was the Costa famiglia planning?

Yes, I know it is short, but I wanted to get this chapter out soon. School is more demanding than usual. Lo siento! Mi dispiace! I'm sorry!

Rome, Feliciano, Lovino belong to Hetalia~
The Costa Family belongs to moi~
You belong to...yo mama!
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i like it is it over????? i want more!
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Thank you! I'm sorry I haven't updated. I am still in progress with the next one…almost done!
heartofthewarrior13 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aero-Dragon Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! 
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You're welcome
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